I am really happy to have the chance to present you my doll theater. It was created for my author meetings organized for the youngest readers. My doll theater is based on my own scripts. The reason for creating the theatre was not only my love for it but also the needs of my young readers. During many author meetings I talked to my readers from kindergartens. They asked me many times: „Why don't you show us your tales?” „Yes! Why not to show them my tales?” – I asked myself about it too.

So at the moment I am able to offer you a very funny comedy, which is also full of morals. The play is meant for children in kindergarten and first years of primary school.




Participation in the realization:

1. Rozgłośnia Polskiego Radia Lublin S.A.

2. Małgorzata Żurakowska – editor of Radio Lublin.

3. Piotr Wierzchoń – sound engineering

4. Tomasz Bielawiec – actor of Teatr Dramatyczny im. J. Osterwy w Lublinie.

5. Krystyna Kielich – puppets

6. Beata Kubacka – puppets

7. Jakub Węgrzyn – probationer

8. Anna Kołodyńska – probationer

9. Maciej Małocha – probationer

10. Katarzyna Anuszewicz Powalska – makeup

11. Wioletta Piasecka – screenplay

The creating of the theatre is a result of work of many hearted people. I am really thankful to your help!