Wioletta Piasecka
The author of tales and stories for children.

        Wioletta Piasecka was born on 4. June 1970 in Elbląg, graduated University of Gdańsk, the faculty of history and philology – with the specialization study: Polish language and culture. Her thesis was led by professor Gertruda Skotnicka and was written in the subject of literature for children and teenagers. The title of the thesis was „Baśnie Hansa Chrystiana Andersena znane i nieznane – badania nad czytelnictwem.” She is an author of more than 40 tales and stories for children, two biographies of Hans Christian Andersen and Faustyna Morzycka, four theatre plays and lot of radio plays.

        Her debut was in 1999 when a collection of tales titled „Zaczarowana kraina bajek”, was published by the publishing house Qvo Vadis. There were seven tales in the mentioned collection. 2001 was the year of first publishing the H.CH. Andersen's biography by the publishing house Skrzat from Kraków: W poszukiwaniu szczęścia. Baśniowa biografia Andersena.

The real publishing success for the author was cooperation with the publishing house DROZD from Elbląg, which resulted in the series of tales titled „Baśnie Wioletty Piaseckiej” The series consists of the following 12 tales:

- Zaczarowane bąbelki,
- Bajka na dobranoc,
- Dwie Małgosie,
- Bajka o królewnie,
- Sześć życzeń Natalki,
- Dawno temu…,
- W poszukiwaniu szczęścia. Baśniowa biografia Andersena,
- Włóczęga,
- Domek marzeń,
- Zasłużyć na fiołki. Baśń biograficzna o Faustynie Morzyckiej,

- Księżniczka dziecięcych serc,

        Apart from that the tale titled Dawno temu w Betlejem was published by the publishing house Wydawnictwo św. Wojciecha.

        The year 2003 brought debut of the first theatre play titled „O królewnie, piekarczyku i pieczeniu chleba”. It was performed by the art agency Qfer during a ceremonial ending of the St. Dominic's Fair in Gdańsk. The play won also the first prize in the Polish Theatre Plays Review fArt in Kłodzko.

        The book Dawno temu… was found to be the best book of the year 2005 and won the first prize of the Elbląg Foundation. 2004 was the year of honourable enrolment of Wioletta Piasecka in "The Golden Book of People of Great Mind, Talent and Heart" of the Foundation "To Be in Time with Help" from Warsaw for her activity.

        She cooperates with the Radio Lublin S.A., which have been broadcasting the plays titled „Baśnie Wioletty Piaseckiej” since November 2003 every day.

        There have been organised more or less one thousand author meetings in libraries, schools, kindergartens and bookshops in Poland and abroad since November 2003.

        The tales of Wioletta Piasecka were used for therapeutic purposes in Ośrodek Szkolno- Wychowawczy in Skarżysko- Kamienna, in Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy in Szerzawy near Mogilno, in Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy im. Korczaka in Elbląg and in many others educational centres and borstals. The tales of Wioletta Piasecka were the main subject of many thesis.

        The books of Wioletta Piasecka won many prizes from readers e.g. in the following libraries: Biblioteka Publiczna w Warszawie Dzielnicy Wilanów, Biblioteka Publiczna w Pawłowicach, Biblioteka Publiczna w Sławnie, Biblioteka Publiczna w Siedlcach , in the primary school: Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 12 w Elblągu, and many others.