Space adventure
Publishing year: 2009

Space Adventure

When the evening Sebastianek lay in bed and waited for mom, so she told him a bedtime story, very impatient. I sat at a table and a long, long time something she wrote. So he decided to lay Sebastianek fable. He thought, he thought, but nothing occurred to him. Lying in bed, through the open window looking at the sky. Where thousands of stars shimmered and shone crescent moon. Sebastianek zapatrył a star. One of them especially shimmered brightly. From a distance, looked as if it pulsated in her life.

Gold braid

... He raised his head and saw that through the bricks in the wall of bright light pierces. He looked around and saw a beautiful piano and mirrors in golden frames, many lined red velvet, carved chairs. - Ah, this is a concert hall, talked about the old lady! - He went to the wall, which pierced the brightness and began banging like mad at him and then fell. Brick by brick flew with a crash to the ground. And when the last brick rejected for himself, he saw a ray of light princess. She was delicate, ethereal as cans. Her hair, oh just understood it, the glow from them has just beaten. It was not hair, it was angelic diamonds. The whole character was like an angel. Niche, in which the imprisoned princess was so small and low that Michael had to bow my head. He stared at the girl, as if bewitched. I've never seen anything so beautiful. She has included in his hands and the tips of her delicate, white dress, bowed her head and made a deep bow. She went to Michael, her delicate hand touched his face and danced to the rhythm of quiet music, which began dolatywać from all chambers ...


At the edge of the woods on an old oak dove sat. Sebastianek of Martusia, Adriankiem and Natalia came to feed the little bird. They threw him bread crumbs and sweet cookies. A bird did not eat anything. He was very sad. Hung his head and brooded. Disappointed children were sold in August to their homes, as dusk was falling already. A bird was sad, because for several hours, which seemed an eternity to him, he did not know where his mom ...

Little Pine

Far, far behind the high mountains stretched a meadow. was so great that it would have to be a few days to a grown man's gone from one end to another. On the meadow birds rarely flown, because the high mountains formed a barrier. Their icy peaks reached up to the clouds. Grass and flowers grow in peace and silence, for the wind flew there from time to time only when he was on the road. The whole prairie was drowning in the rays of summer sun. Among the marvelous vegetation growing in the middle of a tree. It was a small pine