Dancing Witches
Publishing year: 2010

Footsteps in the hallway walking away quickly. conversation fell silent, minute by minute all day cichł buzz. Veronica waited another sleepless night. The girl knew that now come long hours of meditation. Almost every night, until dawn, staring at the stars as the beautiful glitter of blue sky. Sometimes there were nights starless and then Veronica was so sad, as if they left her closest friends. Her hospital room where she was a very long time, he was extremely modest. Were in the bed, trolley, rack for endless drips and sink. Above the sink was visible a square, dark stain and Veronica guessed that once hung a mirror here.

- How good that he's gone - uttered aloud plaguing her thoughts. - I could not look at each other. - Now head scarf was owiązaną. At the mention of beautiful, bright curls a tear rolled across the cheek and soaked into the pillow, but Veronica immediately clenched eyelids.


But dreams do come true. This book will tell you this ... Enjoy your reading.