Publishing year: 2011


Publishing year: 2010

The book published by Publisher SABA. Format B5, 52 pages, paper, chalk 150, full color, hardcover.

Publishing year: 2009

Publisher Drozd, Year 2009, the author of Violetta Piasecka text, images Catherine Anuszewicz Powalska, Andrew Lemanowicz Composition, Cover design by Adam Nowosad, Print ELGRAF Sp. o.o. The book contains four tales: A Space Adventure, Gold braid, Golabek, Sosenka. Enjoy!

Publishing year: 2008

I am pleased to boast a new book Fri Dumpling. In this book you will find four fairy tales: dumpling, Ogródeczek Martusia, cancer stories and Small Bears. Illustrations of all fairy tales performed Anuszewicz Powalska Catherine.

Publishing year: 2007

Photos from the collections of the Public Library in Nałęczów them. Morzycki Faustina. Catherine has done illustrations Anuszewicz-Powalska. Publisher Drozd Elblag.

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